Thursday, February 16, 2006

Well I finally worked out how to get...

Well I finally worked out how to get Vintage Audios web site navigation into the top of the Blogger page and keep it there!!! So now I can make this blog the official VA news page. This is great because it is going to make it a lot easier for me keep everything and everyone up to date with what Bob & I are up to at Vintage Audio .Com .Au.

I just completed the first photo shoot of 2006 this week & there are 14 items to be listed. I have already put up the photos of the TOL 1979 Pioneer CT-F1250 tape deck although at time of writing there is no thumbnail on the index page.

Heres the equipment waiting to be listed. Drop me a line if you are interested & it is still not up.

In the order I shot them in!

Akai AA910DB receiver. A big one,

NAD Model 60 Amplifier, similar face to the 3080 listed but smaller. Rare made in Japan model.

Pioneer Rondo 3000x/ya. Receiver Big box good sound but one for the beginners at VA.

Telefunken Amplifier (Bob’s going wild) About mid 60’s V201, cool pics & soooo easy to shoot.

Teac A460 Cassette, very cool.

Rotel RX 602 Receiver, the second to TOL not counting the Monster (that we have).

Teac A400, another cool cassette deck.

Akai GXC 730D auto reverse deck, Bob likes this one so much we have 2!

Rotel RX 402 Receiver, the model below the one above? This one is a Euro market job, Black face with all din connection on back.

Rogers Amplifier… Well they wrote nothing on it! A bit rough looking. One for the enthusiasts!

Linear Design SA 8000, as no one seems interested in the other model we thought we would try another one LoL! (that’s the first time I have ever used LoL, see what happens when you start a blog). It seems these where designed (made?) in Melbourne (it’s badged) in the 70’s. No wonder know one seems to have heard of them.

And for the Piece(s) de résistance…

AWA TR STI, the first Reel to Reel manufactured in
Australia (that’s what Bob says). Valve drive! Military spec.

Akai X10 cross field Reel to Reel. We also have apparently, the X6, X7, X8 some of which I am informed are valve models as well.

Phillips valve radio, quite large and working rather well. We had it on for the shot of course. I haven’t written down the model so I will try to drop in a thumbnail asap.

Welcome to Vintage Audio .Com .Au. And as Bob says,

”It’s like a disease but we love it”.


Blogger Goges said...

The Linear Design SA8000 was built by Douglas HIFi in Melbourne in the halcyon days of vintage audio.I am unsure as to whether this was assembled in Melbourne or fully imported. Linear Design was their house brand under which they manufactured many fine and affordable products. Their many shops in Melbourne & later in Adelaide, all had gigantic Akai reel to reel machines on the front with rotating big metal reels as big as the shop front. i can`t remember whether they made it to

1:06 pm  
Blogger Petethegreek said...

Hi Bob, I and have a LUXMAN SQ-507X VINTAGE AMP. that has dropped one of the channel. I was wondering if you could recommend a repairer that I could take it to? I live in Blue mountains but travel to Sydney most weeks.Thanks Pete

12:37 am  
Blogger Petethegreek said...

HI Kent, sorry I thought I was asking Bob? but I meant to ask you about amp repairer. Cheers Pete

12:49 am  

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