Friday, August 04, 2006

We have a Demographic!

At Vintage Audio .Com .Au we have a demographic! I suppose I should not let on what that demographic is. Trade secret and all that; but I think it is pretty obvious so I might just go ahead and let the cat out of the bag. It’s pretty clearly spelt out on our home page, “If you're of an age to get all misty eyed about those great amps, tuners, receivers and turntables you dreamed about in your youth…”

Yes that it; 40 and up is my guess but guess what? We have been finding that our demographic is some what larger, and if they will pardon the expression, some of the ‘younger generation’ are finding out just how good vintage audio is too!

Now it is probably far too soon to predict the demise of the MP3 music file format and the downfall of the ubiquitous Apple i pod but we have been getting some very positive feedback form our younger buyers.

And what have these buyers been saying? This is clearly the best bit. They are reporting hearing (musical) things in the music they have NEVER heard before! Viva Vintage Audio!!! Well is that not just what we have been saying all along…

And on that front I should report that I too have been experiencing music from some of the amplifiers I have already reviewed in a new light after testing them with my vintage Celestion Ditton 15 speakers.

Perhaps the most dramatic re appraisal was of the Nikko TRM 500 which although I have always held in high regard I tended to feel was a little light on in the area of Bass reproduction and a little to bright although marvellously clear and well detailed. What a difference a change of speakers can make! Full bass, not to bright, great rich and detailed sound. Say no more. I experienced something similar when running the NAD 120 through the Ditton’s too. Not the same issues but a renewed sense of how good that receiver really was. NAD’s certainly benefit from being well matched to their speakers. And on that note we have turned up another NAD 120, also in virtually pristine condition.

And then I powered up the Harmon Kardon 930 Twin Power Receiver, I have written it up in full here so I just say one word. Amazing!

I saw a HK 930 on US E-bay and the seller described it as rather unattractive! Well that is just about the complete opposite to what my partner thought when she saw it on my audio ‘sideboard’ describing it as one of the sexiest receivers she has ever seen (and she has seen quite a few). In fact unattractive is the impression I got of most of the $20 000 and up equipment I saw while viewing pictures recently of a Hi-Fi show on the web. Yes folks you CAN have too much glass, resin and chrome! I wonder if they will ever work it out. But then that’s another story…


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