Sunday, October 15, 2006

Quadraphonic Rules!

Well at least this month it will...

If like me you prefer your design 'Cool Industrial' over 'Ikea Minimal'. Then classic early 70's Quadraphonic equipment will go a long way toward satisfying you listening and visual aesthetics.

Metal face plates, deep embossed lettering that will never wear off and more beautifully turned out knobs than you can poke a stick at? It has to be TOL Quadraphonic equipment. Now I''ve got a mate who reckons that Quadraphonic was and always will be all you ever need to achieve full surround sound and you only need four speakers. As the kids say; HELLO!!!

But then as this is Vintage Audio .Com .Au I think you might be more than a little disappointed if we did not have friends who think this way. More to the point is that classic Quadraphonic equipment not only looks good but also excels in delivering great stereophonic sound too. We have some fantastic pieces from the 70''s audio giants, Pioneer, Kenwood, Technics and more.

Before hitting the new listings I also need to mention that I have finally reviewed the Monster Rotel Receiver RX 1603. I was a little apprehensive when setting this unit up for listening, how good would it be? Would its reputation be all about size and bragging rights and not about the sound at all? In short I was quite simply amazed. I had hoped for impressed; but amazed? That's something I had not expected at all. Read the review here.

Quadraphonic Equipment

Pioneer QA 800   
Pioneer QA 800

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Pioneer QA 800a . A stunningly beautiful Quad integrated amp. One of the best pieces of Pioneer equipment I have heard. We have two QA 800a's available.
Kenwood KR 9430 4 channel Receiver not a new listing but real 4 channel TOL equipment.
Kenwood 6140a 4 channel receiver. Runs three sets of speakers. This one has some wear around the power switch which we will be looking at touching up. Weighing in at over 15Kg it is quite a beast.
Technics SA 5400X 4 Channel Receiver, great sound and great looks.
Technics CD-4 System Disc Demodulator SH-3480. If you really are thinking Quadraphonic then you may need this phono decoder. Stunning improvment for your stereo turntable too.
JVC Add Amplifier with SEA. A little quad box from JVC
Nikko TRM 500 (4 channel compatible).

Additional New Listings

Luxman Late 70's early 80's Receivers!!!
800-M Receiver
R-3055 Receiver
Receiver the pop out panel model; we also have the matching 3 head tape deck.
KX-102 3 head computer controlled DBX, Dolby. We are also restoring a rather big 500R Receiver, having finally sourced original part power output transistors in the UK to get this one back up and running. We will keep you posted.
Nikko NA 790 , early 80's with MM & MC phono selector. I am looking forward to hearing this one as I recently tested the Nikko TRM 500 beside the Sansui AU 555a and I was stunned by the Nikkos detail depth of the stereo imaging and sound stage.
Yamaha DSP A1000 Surround Amplifier. Ok not exactly vintage but with all the changes that surround sound brings this one certainly is vintage in a home theater context and Bob can't resist a TOL amp so here it is.
Yamaha K 1020 3 Head Dolby B/C HX Pro Cassette Deck, Matches the Amp above.

Technics Mid Size System (well three key bits of one!)
SU-X955 Amplifier
RS-X980 Double auto reverse Cassette Deck
SH-E65 Spectrum Analyser/Graphic Equaliser

Bob and I have what could best be described as a curious respect for this Technics gear. Clearly it is the 'Class A' amplification that is used in these amps. (For those who are not aware Class A is not something made up by technics but a method of amplifier design with the least amount distortion). The trade off is a 'loss'; of power which is why most amps are built to an AB specification in the hope of delivering the best of both worlds; low distortion and power).

Not the full 70's sound we love but probably one of the best sounds from the late 80's/90's. We are always amazed at how good some of the Technics equipment sounds. I sold a slightly smaller SU-X system to a friend some time ago with some English bookshelf speakers and continue to be impressed with the quality of the sound every time I hear it. I am sure every one thinks it but I am going to say it; you have to admire the bravery of the guys at Technics who decided to designate a whole range of amplifiers SU-X.

No Photos or Listing yet!!!
But you can always email me.

Fisher X-101C Valve Integrated Amplifier.
Not photographed yet but I hope to have it up by the end of the week. American design and manufacture. Very popular in the States but quite rare in Oz. This (TOL?) one has a drop down panel on the front to reveal the tone controls. Great condition and Bob is in love!
Realistic STA 2000 Receiver
Well it's sexy and Bob and I actually believe the old tale that Radio Shack/Realistic did not make anything themselves but had people like Luxman do it for them. As a result when some of this much maligned gear hits the mark it hits it very well indeed.

Speakers by Wharfedale
CRS 7 (black) and Melton 2 (wood grain).

Cheers From Kent And Bob.


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