Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Yes we have NEWS!

Well things seem to be looking up at Vintage Audio .Com .Au, with sales ticking over and Bob acquiring a few classic pieces I have photographed new components and actually put up new listings!

Thanks for the enquiries we do enjoy hearing from you.

New to the site this month are;

Open reel tape decks by Ferrograph, A Nakamichi 583 three head cassette, Akai Open Reel decks and a superb Akai GXC 710d. If they are not already listed they will be within the next few days.

Bob has also managed to lay his hands on a BOSE Spatial Receiver. This is already up at the top of the Tuners/Receivers page along with a NAD 7060. I have put up additional 550 pixel wide shots to give you a better feel for the quality of these units.

We also have listed without photos or prices Thorens, Linco and Dual turntables. I will be working on getting them properly listed in the next couple of weeks.

Bob's personal valve amp project. Amps from old open reel decks.

Thanks for your continued support,

Kent Johnson.